3D Printing Final

Original Sketches for 3D Print

I began by browsing Thingiverse for inspiration on how to successfully complete a guitar capo. Most concepts included a spring clip — a coil made entirely out of filament in the print — built into the print itself, allowing the capo to bend and clasp onto the guitar neck. I moved forward with my first iteration.

1st Digital Design of Print

I printed this and it turned out pretty well, but once I tried to use it on the guitar, I discovered the opening at the right end of the capo wasn’t large enough to fit around the guitar. The spring clip wouldn’t flex enough to fit around it either. So, I moved forward with a larger opening.

2nd Design of Print

This print worked quite well with the guitar, except the bottom bar was a bit too open, causing it to just slide onto the neck without having to flex it, which further caused it to not clasp the neck. I added my rubber on the placeholder on the top of the bar, but it didn’t quite fit in between my designed bars. I decided to print another version.

Final Design

This version was by far the best! I ended up printing it three different times just because of some failures with the 3D printers on the floor, so I never really got the perfect version of the print. One print separated the to different parts, and the super glue I bought couldn’t quite fix it. The other two weren’t salvageable.



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Aidan Massie

Aidan Massie

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Student at New York University. Passionate about visual art and the intersection between technology and sports.