3D Printing Final — Guitar Capo

BUT FIRST, continued work on my sink strainer/sink drain. I didn’t make any changes to the Fusion 360 file, but I reprinted it to get an actual working model. See below photos of the third attempt at printing the design — the first successful print!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for….. the final project! I’ve decided to move in the direction of printing a guitar capo. I’ve gone ahead and sketched out what the model will look like (for now), which you can see below.

The guitar capo will be a spring clip design, so there won’t be any actual spring within the design. It’ll just be the print itself allowing the capo to open and clamp onto the guitar fretboard. Additionally, the capo will include a rubber strip on the top section of the clip, allowing the capo to actually press down the strings and not rattle around when strummed. There will be an indent that holds that rubber in place, but it also might need glued onto the clip. The clip section will have to be 2 inches long, as the guitar neck gets as wide as 2 inches. The width will be about .5 inches. The handles and spring will extend off the edge of the clipboard, with the length to be determined — that section doesn’t matter so much since it’s not fitting anywhere, but it’ll be figured out in the prototyping stage to see what length works best.

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