Creative Computing Final Project Proposal

Aidan Massie
3 min readNov 2, 2020



My idea for this project is an interactive game of paper football. There will be a small pile of paper footballs to choose from and the user will set it on the small circle to begin the kicking process. Once the football is flicked off of the platform, it will trigger an animation to come up on a screen that says, “Kick is up!” There will be a net behind the field goal posts that will detect whether or not it has been hit by something. If it is hit, an animation will say, “And it’s good!” If the net is not hit within roughly 3–4 seconds, there will be an animation that plays and says, “No good!” The screen will reset to black after about 5 seconds, entering into the starting mode again. Attached below are drawings of the layout.


This game is for anyone to use. Typically, paper football seems to be a “no athletic skill needed” game, so therefore any person could enjoy this game. The idea may need to be explained to people unfamiliar with it, but others may get it right away. This is simply a fun game aimed to bring out the childlike qualities in us all.


Following my academic career at NYU, I wish to go into the sports industry. I have a love for sports and know the in’s and out’s of almost all of it. While I can’t build anything spectacular, such as a VR sports experience or something equivalent, this game could serve as a simple sports game that entertains people of all kinds.


Thanksgiving Break — I hope to build all of the animations for the project while I am home in Ohio over break. In addition, continue brainstorming way to overcome my largest obstacle–the net sensor. I hope to construct the field goal post and field and code over break as well.

Week following Break — I hope to seek guidance for my net sensor in the week following Thanksgiving if I haven’t constructed it already. This will be my largest part of the project to complete.

Second week after Break — I hope to finish the entirety of the project during this week, in far advance of the Winter Show, just to avoid a stressful final week of school.


From my research, I have concluded that there have been no creations of paper football using sensors and animations. I’m sure there are similar projects out there, but from what I found, there is nothing like this.



Aidan Massie

Student at New York University. Passionate about visual art and the intersection between technology and sports.