Intro to Fab — Assignment 2

Aidan Massie
3 min readNov 14, 2022

For this assignment of creating 5 replicas of 1 thing, I decided to create football field goalposts for paper football, following my theme of sports. See below my initial drawings of the pieces:

Each goalpost would include 2 uprights, a crossbar, and a leg/support system. I initally envisioned cutting a leg and gluing a support structure to the back of it, but ultimately decided to combine those pieces into one solid piece of wood in order for it to lay more flat on a surface without any bumps. I began by cutting the uprights, but ran into some trouble with the bandsaw. My cuts were consistently coming out crooked, even after double and triple-checking my measurements and lines. The shop staff at the time told me that the table most likely wasn’t aligned with the saw and that it needed to be fixed by Luke. See below an early cut on the bandsaw.

I decided to try going freehand on the bandsaw, which forced me to make sure my lines were straight and that I was paying very close attention to the cuts being made. I cut the uprights and the cross bar together from the same wood.

I carved a flat surface at the top of one of the corners of a triange for the bottom of the crossbar to sit flat on. I then repeated the process for the 5 different crossbars.

Documentation for this was challenging without the glue, and this photo doesn’t do it justice, but the top of the leg fit perfectly for the bottom of the crossbar, so it was time to glue everything together.

Ultimately, the bandsaw threw me for a loop and proved to cause some delay and frustration in my process, but the adversity definitely helped me work through my plans a lot more and ensure that I wasn’t making mistakes that couldn’t be afforded.




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