Think of what physical computing might be like in 5–10 years. Make a simple blog post with either sentences, sketches, or images.

I feel like this question is difficult to answer, strictly due to the changing landscape of what digital tools are available. Additionally, projects we make are concurrent with things that impact us or things that stem from things we see in our daily lives. So, with the changing landscape of both technology and society, the tools, topics, and interactions will also be changing.

I feel physical computing, in a way, is about making things that somehow assist us in our daily lives. One vague idea that comes to mind relates to our phones and other gadgets, and how there’s updates every year that continue to make things for us humans easier. Examples such as the face ID on iPhones to avoid having to work to unlock your phone, or Apply Pay so you don’t have to carry your wallet of credit cards. Technology is always changing, and the projects we create with it will always be changing too. I think projects will continue to be built to aid our everyday lives, but also projects that are silly and bear no impact on our lives (like foot pedals that play sound effects).

I think there’s also a sense of not being able to predict the future of a subject area like physical computing, when I’m still in the beginning stages of it all. I still have quite a limited view on what all is possible with physical computing, so it’s slightly challenging to think of technology or tools or topics that might come to fruition in the field of study.

Nonetheless, technology changes every day, and the projects we continue to make will continue to change with it, helping us in serious ways that make an impact on our lives, spreading messages about things in our society we need to change, or silly games that allow us to escape for just a few moments of our lives.

Student at New York University. Passionate about visual art and the intersection between technology and sports.