PComp Final Project — Aidan and Sophia

Arduino Code
Page 1 of P5 Code
Page 2 of P5 Code
Page 3 of P5 Code
The Beginning of the Struggle
  • We also had a happy moment when we got to present and see everyone excited to trigger the outputs in class. After getting together a few times and working on this for many hours, seeing the interactions happen was very joyful
  • We also faced the problem of not being able to put the fruit in a bowl since the fruits would trigger one another. The solution of placing them apart on the table ended up being fine, but we wish we could have presented them better
  • We lastly faced a problem in our code that could have been changed in 3 seconds if we caught it sooner — serial read should have been serial write. Awesome.
Original Prototype of the Project



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Aidan Massie

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Student at New York University. Passionate about visual art and the intersection between technology and sports.