PComp Final Project — Aidan and Sophia

Arduino Code
Page 1 of P5 Code
Page 2 of P5 Code
Page 3 of P5 Code
The Beginning of the Struggle
  • Getting each of the phases of the process to work were huge victories themselves — it was exciting to see the sensor shield work once we soldered it, seeing the fruits trigger the serial monitor, getting the serial read to open a tab, and then getting songs to play in the p5 sketch.
  • We also had a happy moment when we got to present and see everyone excited to trigger the outputs in class. After getting together a few times and working on this for many hours, seeing the interactions happen was very joyful
  • We did not realize that we needed to attach the fruit to the shield before uploading the code. Without this, we were triggering the sensor while trying to hook everything up. We lost about 3 hours doing this, so that was awful
  • We also faced the problem of not being able to put the fruit in a bowl since the fruits would trigger one another. The solution of placing them apart on the table ended up being fine, but we wish we could have presented them better
  • We lastly faced a problem in our code that could have been changed in 3 seconds if we caught it sooner — serial read should have been serial write. Awesome.
Original Prototype of the Project




Student at New York University. Passionate about visual art and the intersection between technology and sports.

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Aidan Massie

Aidan Massie

Student at New York University. Passionate about visual art and the intersection between technology and sports.

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