Reaction to Abstract: Ilse Crawford

I’m not sure that I was a huge fan of this episode of Abstract, but I was still interested in all of the nuggets of wisdom that Ilse Crawford had to offer. The episode felt weirdly structured and had a lot of moments that simply didn’t catch my attention or make me interested. However, I was very interested in the thoughts that Ilse Crawford shared on interior design.

I’ve never really been able to understand interior design. To me, it’s just a matter of things matching and looking nice. Crawford went into a lot of detail about the art of interior design that I just couldn’t get behind. A lot of her examples just proved to be some matching furniture pieces and beautiful coloring in an indoor space. I do agree with her statements on the feeling that a room creates–she essentially said that when someone enters into a room with one mood and leaves with a better mood, it’s because the design of the space impacted that person subconsciously. That’s so fascinating, and I totally agree! She also suggested that good interior design is good because it can make people use five senses during their experience, which I also found fascinating.

The episode, as a whole, felt poorly structured and jumped around a lot. I never felt like I really got to dive into the deep, deep meaning of interior design, like I did on episodes with Hatfield, Niemann, etc. I still managed to learn a lot from Crawford though, and the fascinating world of interior design.