Reaction to Abstract: Paula Sher

When first introduced to Paula Sher during this episode of the Abstract docuseries, I was immediately given a “chaotic good” vibe. The episode started off with her in her office space, and the energy surrounding her, her fellow artists, and the work environment in general seemed extremely chaotic to me. But, I suppose you can be a little chaotic when you’re good at what you do. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

It was really fascinating to be introduced to Sher in this episode and be introduced to all of the incredible and popular work she has made during her career. I legitimately had no idea, walking down the streets of New York, seeing signs and banners and such, that so many things were designed by her. I really enjoyed her explanation behind both the Citi logo and the High Line logo.

I never knew that CitiBank and Traveler’s Insurance had a merger (guess that means I am not old enough), but just the brilliance behind placing the red umbrella over the “citi” to make a connection in the letters and show the partnership between the companies was so simple, yet so inspiring.

Paula Sher, as I know now, is easily a top influential designer in the world today. From these episodes of Abstract, I’m not sure I’ll ever walk down the sidewalk again in the city and not begin to appreciate, or really hate, the design in our everyday lives.



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Aidan Massie

Student at New York University. Passionate about visual art and the intersection between technology and sports.