Reaction to Abstract: Tinker Hatfield

I was so excited to watch this episode of the Abstract docuseries that I watched it before I even knew it was assigned for me to watch for class.

I absolutely love shoes. I absolutely love Nikes. This documentary episode became just another reason why I am so in love with sneakers and the mega-giant company that is Nike so much. I really loved getting to dive into the behind the scenes of making shoes and designing them not just as a thing to wear, but something that actually meant something. Tinker Hatfield is an incredibly talented and intelligent man that essentially saved Nike, AND made its shoe line the popular giant it is in today’s world. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see his intentionality in making the shoes, like the Jordan XX’s, for example. He wanted to make something special, that represented Michael Jordan and represented his legacy. His idea of including symbols acting as stories from MJ’s legendary and historical career in the NBA is absolutely brilliant.

Another thing I enjoyed seeing was the progression from the Back To The Future shoe, to the E.A.R.L./Air Max Auto Adapt shoes. The BTTF shoes were insanely cool, and he and Nike could’ve stopped there. But due to the limitless world of technology surrounding us, it became something achievable to make. He wanted to make a shoe that tied itself–how cool is that!? Cool enough to make me want to buy a pair of them right this instant.

Hatfield has a brilliant and incredibly imaginative mind that has inspired me. The best part about all of it is that he doesn’t just stop with the possible. He, and Nike, continue to innovate a new era of shoes and technology for the next generation.

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