I must preface this production blog by giving full credit to my roomie, Jason Carr, for inspiring the purpose of this project. He simply started playing a record in our room at 1:24am the other night/morning. While it was slightly annoying, I had one of those lightbulb moments for my project.


I attached all of the respective wires into the breadboard. Red wire running from the Arduino into the positive edge of the breadboard is power. Green wire running from the white port on the Arduino to the negative edge of the breadboard is ground. LED is plugged into both the negative strip and then the 3rd row of J. Resistor runs from H3 to H10. Blue wire is in F10 and yellow wire is on the positive edge of the board and row 5. Now the blue and yellow just need to meet!


So, the purpose of my project was to attach the blue and yellow wires to my roommates record player, so whenever the record ran out of music to play, the wires would meet and the LED on the breadboard would turn on. This took me too many attempts to get the wires to meet, but at least I got to listen to a great song by my favorite artist, Khalid, on repeat for a while!

The link below is a video of two failed attempts and then a successful trial of the wires meeting.

The project was aggravating at times, but a cool one for sure. As Jason said, “that’s so cool that you just like build stuff.” I agree, Jason. It is so cool that I connect some wires to turn a light on, but you just wait.