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I struggled finding something interesting to do for this project, so don’t judge me if this isn’t my best work. We’re all here to simply get better, okay?

I somehow came up with the idea of using the switch on my breadboard to show a statistic of some kind. Like a “whenever this light flashes, ‘X’ thing happens across the United States.” Shoutout to my fellow Rubinite, Kariina, for helping me find a website with updating statistics here. I decided on making my light flash, when I press the switch, every time in the United States is born. Below is my setup for the breadboard.

In order to find out the timeframe in which people are born in the U.S., I either needed to link the website to the coding or do the math to get the correct number–I chose to do the math. I set a stopwatch for 5 minutes and recorded the numbers for how much it increased within the timeframe. I then divided that number by 5 (to get to births per minute), then by 60 (to get to births per second). My magic number was 2.83 births per second. I then plugged 283 into the code so it would flash at the correct times. Below is a screenshot of my coding.

Below is the final video for my project!


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Student at New York University. Passionate about visual art and the intersection between technology and sports.